Endurance Sailing Adventures,North Head Sydney

The Owner & Director of
Mr Mark Merritt

I believe travel informs global culture. Honest discussion, cultural exchange and optimism is the way to find a future for humanity on our beautiful planet.

Travellers are able to share their ideas, opinions and values with people they meet on their journey. Likewise they are able to take opinions and values from the road, back home to share with their families and communities.

I believe this cultural exchange is part of a good travellers code, and is important for us all in learning how to live together on our beautiful Earth.

If you decide to ride with NO-PROB-LIMO,  please bring some of your own culture and humour, to share along the way.

NO-PROB-LIMO is a very small business with a very big heart. If you wish to engage NO-PROB-LIMO it is important to plan in advance and allow plenty of time to organise things. Communicate with me and find out what the variables are. You can learn plenty about Australia and what the potentials are by just talking with me on the phone.

Cheers for now - Mark Merritt


Planned Or Spontaneous Journeys In Australia

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