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Terry Smith

Tony Smith
Darling River Man - Wentworth

"Jail time, to make people realise you can't mess with nature. A royal commission is the only way to get to the bottom of it."

Tony Smith, interview by Mark Merritt

Outback Mick & Nugget
Caretakers - Menindee Caravan Park

"They're killing our river.They're not only taking our water.... they're poisoning and polluting it too."

Outback Mick - Interview by Mark Merritt

Jacqui Pasquale
Educator - Wentworth

"We don't want to live on a river that's got no water in it."

Jacqui Pasquale, Wentworth - Interview by Mark Merritt

Jacqui Pascale, Wentworth - interview by Cath Eaglesham about the Wentworth to Broken Hill pipeline - Earthling Studios

Sarah Moles
Author - Warwick Qld.

"I'm watching this space with bated breath, because I know there is more to come, and I can't wait, for a very bright light, and a very, very forensic examination to be made of what exactally has gone on.


Sarah Moles - interview by Mark Merritt

Sarah Moles, Australian Peoples Tribunal 2018 - Earthling Studios

Cathryn Milne
Student and Environmentalist Mildura

"We need a royal commission NOW and a grass roots human movement."


Cathryn Milne, Mildura - interview by Cath Eaglesham

Kelly Norris
Cafe Manager & Youth Wrangler - Wilcannia 

"Let's fix this together, Australia. Its our country, our people.

Let's look after them."

Kelly from Wilcannia - Interview by Mark Merritt

Kevin Davey

Remembers the healthy Darling of the old days

"We're in trouble, we've got to wake up to ourselves"

"We used to get yabbies as big as beer bottles."


Kevin Davey, Remembers - interview by Mark Merritt

Dr. Beryl Carmichael
Indigenous Elder - Menindee

"It's a rights violation of all life forms"


Beryl Carmichael - Interview by Cath Eaglesham

Darriea Turley
Mayor of Broken Hill

"What we need to do is stay focused on the health of the Darling River."

Darriea Turley, Mayor of Broken Hill - Interview by Cath Eaglesham and Mark Merritt

Graham Clark
Barkindji Elder,
Lower Darling

"Whatever happened - to the river ?
Whatever happened to our land ?"

Graham Clarke, Barkindji Elder - Interview by Cath Eaglesham

Rachael Strachan
Farmer - Tulney Pt. Station, Lower Darling

"They are killing the womb of the basin."


Rachael Strachan - Interview by Cath Eaglesham & Mark Merritt

Dr. Michelle Maloney
Australian Earth Laws Alliance

"Rights Of Nature and Earth Laws wants to shift the current dominant legal system so that it actually respects life"


Michelle Maloney, Australian Earth Laws Alliance - Interview by Susie Peake

Michelle Malony, Australian Earth Laws Alliance, interview by MARK MERRITT - Earthling Studios

Sharon Corkery
Manager - Tilpa Pub

"There's a lot of anger..there's just pure disgust and a lot of sadness - because it's their livelihoods."

Sharon Corkerey, Tilpa - interview by Cath Eaglesham

Trevor Mallon
Ex-Miner - Menindee

"I even give my dog rain water.  That's how bad the river is".


Menindee Mal, Trevor Mallon - interview by Cath Eaglesham and Mark Merritt

Bradley Hardy
Ngemba Educator, Brewarrina

"The river is our community.  Without the river we have no community.  We need to come together to fix these things."

Bradley Hardy - Brewarrina Museum & Fishtraps, interview by Mark Merritt

Kate McBride 
Wool-Grower & Student
Tolarno Station - Lower Darling

"I've watched in my lifetime, an entire town  being destroyed .."
- Menindee did have a population of over 1000, and up to 500 seasonal workers,
Up to 300 tourists per day signed the visitors book.
Today the population is just over 300. 

Kate McBride, Tolarno Station - interview by Mark Merritt

Ross Files
Born in Menindee -1939

"When you destroy a river, you destroy all the people on it."


Ross Files, Menindee interview by Mark Merritt

Robert McBride 
Wool Grower - Farmer 
Darling River Guardian

"The Prime Minister must run a Federal Royal Commission, if he doesn't then the Darling River system will collapse and die, as will The Murray.


Rob McBride, Tolarno Station - interview by Mark Merritt

Barry Stone
Employment Agent,
lives on Lake Menindee.  
Behind him, 15 kilometres of dry lake-bed to the other side. 

"We out here are looking at total destruction of the outback of New South Wales, total destruction. 
​And, I'd like to say to the city fellas, we are not bullshitting you here. 
We are living it !"

Barry Stone interview by Mark Merritt about Menindee fish kill December 19

Cherry & Don Cullinan
Wentworth, in western NSW
where the Darling and Murray Rivers should meet.

Photo - Boat, by a dry Lake Menindee, 

15 kilometres to the other side. 
Where is the water now ??? 

Don & Cherry Cullinan, Wentworth - Interview by Cath Eaglesham & Mark Merritt